JTEX delivers professional supply chain management with 1-STOP solution to fulfil your requirements.

Custom brokerage (Own License)

Worry free to have JTEX being your appointed custom broker as our operation team is well verse dealing with custom declaration matters with our own forwarding license helping customers to handle custom clearance in whole Malaysia.

With our extensive knowledge of customs clearance and documentation requirements, we will help expedite the delivery of your shipment, avoiding costly and inconvenient delays.

Freight business (Air/Sea)

JTEX offers full range of sea and air services. Working with reliable & committed partners across the regions, we can perform door-to-door transportation as an integrated part of our service.

We work closely with reliable airlines/shipping lines to accommodate our customers’ needs for timely and secure movement of their cargo.

Apart from air/sea freight shipment movement, we also take care of customers’ interest that covers the loss or damage of their cargo by helping them to purchase marine/cargo insurance ensuring they have a peace of mind entrusting us to move their valuable cargo from origin to destination in a secure manner.

air sea freight

Land transportation
(Cross border trucking: Singapore-Malaysia-China & vice versa)

One of our major and strongest services is cross border trucking services, providing shortest transit time connecting ASEAN & China with our innovative products and sophisticated technology.

Our Cross border trucking services start from Singapore-Malaysia-Thailand-Laos-Vietnam-China and vice versa.

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Cold Chain business
(Domestic distribution & warehousing)

We offer temporary cold storage services to manufacturers, distributors and retailers and food service providers. Besides temperature-controlled storages service, JTEX also offers domestic distribution for frozen products in whole Malaysia with our dedicated trucks.

cold chain
asia globe

Intermodal & Multimodal

We can combine transport modes across our network globally to carry cargo by air, sea, rail, and road – delivering flexible, cost-effective freight transport solutions for our customers.

Sea-Rail business from Malaysia to C.I.S. Countries/Europe via China is one of the most effective transport modes to move your cargo to C.I.S. countries through China via Sea/Rail service compared to full water service.

Seaport CFS/FCZ warehouse for consolidation & transhipment business

Apart from a normal standard freight forwarding service, we at JTEX also specializing in handling consolidation & transhipment business via seaport CFS/FCZ warehouse & airport FCZ warehouse in which the demand is on a rise.

jtex seaport
household goods

Warehouse, Packing & Distribution Services

In view of the current supply chain challenges due to unforeseen factors, warehouse & distribution services are now becoming indispensable tool to support the sudden change of commercial environment globally.

We also offer industrial machinery & bulky items packaging & crating services.